Types of Volunteer projects in Nkhata Bay

Researching volunteer projects in Nkhata Bay? We often ask what the place can offer us but in reality, it is us who can offer our time to make a difference in the lives of the locals of Malawi. More than the scenery and the adventurous activities, the place offers a one of a kind experience to get actively involved with their locals and to help in the preservation of their wildlife and natural resources.  To become a volunteer is both an eye-opening and life-changing experience for both the volunteers and locals.  Everyone knows that this is the best place to volunteer in Malawi so listed below are the different types of volunteer projects in Nkhata Bay you can sign up to:

Types of Volunteer Projects in Nkhata Bay

Volunteer Nkhata Bay

1.) Volunteer as a teacher in Nkhata Bay – Formal education & Skills training.

Knowledge and skills when shared are never wasted. It does not have an expiration date and will always be remembered and passed on to future generations. One of the most common volunteer projects in Nkhata bay is to be a volunteer teacher. There are many schools open for volunteers. Everyone is also encouraged to teach and share knowledge, wisdom, and skills in music, dancing, cooking, baking and other livelihood skills that will help the locals be equipped in all aspects.

2.) Be a volunteer at New Bed for Old Heads.

-Most of the local families in Nkhata Bay have limited or even do not have furniture at home. You can volunteer as a researcher to help find families in need of bed or be part of the delivery team to deliver to local families their new and comfortable beds. This is a reputable volunteer project in Nkhata Bay – the best place to volunteer in Malawi.

3.) Be a volunteer at Premature Culture.

-Help locals and children be aware of environmental issues through gardening. If you have green hands and passion for nature, then the premature culture is the best avenue for you to be a volunteer. The premature culture also teaches locals the art and skill of landscaping which is beneficial for making Malawi more beautiful and for locals to have more business and job opportunities in the future.

4.) Be a volunteer at Lilongwe Wildlife Center.

-Okay so it’s not in Nkhata Bay but maybe you need something to do before arriving here? If you have heart and passion for wildlife, then be a volunteer at Wildlife Center.  Learn from locals and other volunteers and be a channel of awareness for wildlife preservation. It gives the opportunity to help in wild animal rescue and rehabilitation.

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5.) Be a football volunteer.

-Beyond knowledge and material help, build relationships with locals and kids through sports. Many children and local men are delighted to enjoy a football game with volunteers.  Take part in the training programs and friendly matches with locals in Malawi.

There are more volunteer projects in Nkhata Bay and potential volunteers can check details online where to sign up as volunteers before they travel to plan the trip ahead of time. Shared joy is indeed doubled joy. Take the opportunity to make a change in the lives of the locals of Malawi through your time and skills. Be a volunteer at Nkhata bay and have a purposeful trip.

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