Is Nkhata Bay home to the best places to stay in Malawi?

It’s hard to believe; nine years have passed since I first set foot in the warm heart of Africa and began uncovering some of the best places to stay in Malawi. There are so many places to visit of course and each of them are beautiful such as Senga Bay, Cape MacClear and Chitimba. However, Nkhata Bay stole it for me, and I will never think of anywhere else when somebody asks me “Where is the best place to stay in Malawi?”.

Places to stay in Nkhata Bay

One of the best places to stay in Malawi?

In fact, I never wanted to leave Nkhata Bay and those serenely calm waters I woke up to every morning. Primitive and boisterous, the town felt like any other African town, and I was also happy to find it was yet to be overrun by backpackers and volunteers. However, the real attraction here is the lake itself, the quiet hideaways on the rim of the bay and excellent accommodation.
There are also so many things to do, places to see, and worthwhile volunteer projects in Nkhata Bay. You will not run out of ideas in this tiny fishing village on Lake Malawi. That being said you will certainly find both backpackers and volunteers here in Nkhata Bay but they only add to the atmosphere and all considered, this for me is one of the best places to stay in Malawi.

Best places to stay in MAlawi

Home Away From Home

This term may be a little overused by accommodation providers around the world. And you will even find it on the website for the likes of a Nkhata Bay guesthouse except for this small town on Lake Malawi does have everything you could want when you travel far away from you. Local restaurants and one or two western eateries can be found in town. While there are also some busy bars frequented by tourists. Nkhata Bay is a tourist-friendly village and you will feel safe in the knowledge the locals want you to feel welcome.

Nkhata Bay Guesthouse

And then there is the accommodation in Nkhata Bay, for every Nkhata Bay guesthouse and hotel are renowned for welcoming the tourist too. You will find cliff-side retreats and cheap campsites here next to homestays and even private resorts nearby. Depending on your budget, you can expect to find whatever you are looking for in town and all at a reasonable price.
Although it’s not just the quality interior that is so sweet about many of these guesthouses in Nkhata Bay. But rather that they also have many attractions such as scintillating views and a quiet ambience. You will find more luxury elsewhere in the country, but few of the best places to stay in Malawi can claim a little bit of everything like Nkhata Bay.
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