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No matter where you go in the world, Indian food can be found. Infused with exotic spices and flavors, there are always so many dishes to sample and each one a joy to behold. Take Away Palace in Nkhata Bay is one such place and being run by a local family from India, you can be sure of a very natural food experience here.

Take Away Palace Nkhata Bay

There is a nice diner inside the restaurant and also a seating area outside, but again the food always takes precedent. Featuring a wide range of North and Western dishes from India, this restaurant in Nkhata Bay is close to the harbor and as you might have guessed, they also do take away.

Although Take Away Palace may not be the most exclusive restaurant in Nkhata Bay, it makes up for it with charm, character and a vibrant atmosphere. Conclusion; this is a great Indian restaurant in Nkhata Bay. Indian food is also nice to have in a place like this in Malawi given that it is much different to the local cuisine and has many flavors, spices and variations.

Average Price of a meal: 2000MK

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