Scuba Diving on Lake Malawi

As a fresh body of water, the Lake Malawi exudes high alkalinity and enormous number endemic fish, particularly over 1000 species belonging to cichlid family. Even as a land-locked lake, it offers some of the best fresh water suba diving Lake Malawi and snorkeling adventures in Africa.

Fun Facts before scuba diving Lake MalawiScuba diving on Lake Malawi

The Lake Malawi is the eight largest and one of the deepest lakes of the world, located between Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania of Africa. This lake measures a massive 560 kilometers long, 80 kilometers wide, and reaches the depth of 700 meters. The water is considerably warm and has crystal clear visibility.

The lake offers view of many types of habitats filed with specially adapted fishes. About 30 percent of the lake is rocky with few plants due to high alkalinity.

Nkhata Bay

On a small town with an estimated population of 15, 000, the Nkhata Bay serves as a base for many different dive sites. It is a very popular area as divers can see a number of tropical fishes, cyclids, during the day and even at night time. This place filled with colorful fishes makes it an ideal area for underwater photography. It is advisable to earn diving certifications to be able ro reach the more difficult sites.

Best Time for Scuba Diving Lake Malawi

Divers are welcome to visit all year round. However, some prefer to visit during the dry season of May through the end of November.

Scuba diving sites malawi

Excellent Climate

Nights tend to get fairly cool during the dry season when temperatures drop down towards 8 degree Celsius, and then eventually warm up during the day up to 28 degrees Celsius.

General Directions

Going to Malawi by air, one can land through the Lilongwe International Airport. Here a minibus is available to take tourists to their destinations.

Scuba Diving Sites on

Lake Malawi


Majority of the astounding underwater diversity is protected within the Lake Malawi National Park in Cape Maclera, located in the southern part of the Lake. It is considered as a World Heritage Site and the first park in the world set aside for freshwater fish protection.

Bakers Oven

This is huge swim through with multiple entry and exit points, with the deepest point of 15 meter. This diving area gives the impression of cavern dive, but with few risks relieved by multiple exits and ambient light. It is a very exciting are of diving to experience recesses between massive granite boulders which constitute the massive granite boulders of the underwater located inland.

The Wreck

This diving area is a 15 meter hull sunk. This rests in 30 meter of water. The penetration is possible and safe due to a simple layout of the superstructures. Catfishes and ever present cichlids reside in the area.

The Canyon

This diving site runs from 18 meter to 48 meter in depth and offers  large drop offs, pinnacles, boulders, and swim through. This offers a truly spectacular drive of underwater canyon with huge granite boulders and slabs towering you.

Zimbabwe Rock

Found at 9 kilometers from Cape Maclear, this pinnacle is in the deep waters of the lake. It thrusts almost vertically up from the lake bed. This offers huge drop-offs and endless supply of maze like swim through. This site of diving is only of experienced divers and advanced certification holders.

Scuba diving in the Lake Malawi is truly a once in a lifetime chance that no one would ever want to miss. Allow yourself to belong to the clear underwater world for some time and for sure, you will always want to go back because it is simply astonishing down there.

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