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Shimmering beneath a golden sun, Lake Malawi is a stunning paradise and the perfect place for cultural experiences. This includes the opportunity of volunteering in Nkhata Bay. Incredibly friendly locals have given rise to the nickname the “Warm heart of Africa” and it is here you will find a stunning country overflowing with natural scenery in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is also very under developed and for this reason, you will find many volunteer projects in Malawi.

As a participant whilst volunteering in Nkhata Bay, you can make a valuable donation and contribution to a local organization. Naturally this will go toward growth and prosperity in the local area.

Volunteering in Nkhata Bay

Volunteering in Nkhata Bay

And when you visit one of the smallest nations on the continent, you can also visit one of the smallest towns. For Malawi volunteering is very common in Nkhata Bay. Situated to the south of Tanzania and half way up Lake Malawi itself, this fisherman village is rich with natural attraction, fine places to eat and ample accommodation who claim to be the best place to stay in Nkhata Bay.

Travelling from Lilongwe to Nkhata Bay is quite straight forward and once you arrive in this peaceful town, it makes for a relaxing and beautiful place to stay. Much of the rural parts of Malawi rely heavily on farming and as you might expect it is also very popular to volunteer in Malawi. Many small villages and towns find themselves in between but there are some remote places which many different  volunteer projects in Nkhata Bay.

Volunteer Project Malawi

When you choose a volunteer project in Malawi, you are most often joining an international community intent on helping the locals. These volunteer programs in Nkhata Bay can range from a few days to even a few years. It is to here from which people travel from all over the world just to take part. There is also a strong demand for volunteering in Nkhata Bay and the type of work involved can be anything from construction to nursing.

Having suffered for so long with debt and poor social services, the most popular volunteer program in Malawi is usually related to community service. Many of these positions are within healthcare and education while some are also in human rights. And then there is the opportunity to volunteer in the environment as conservation and wildlife surveys are very common throughout the country.

Diverse, popular and highly rewarding; volunteering in Nkhata Bay is an unforgettable experience and time spent with a very meaningful cause.

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