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Another authentic Nkhata Bay restaurant and a very local place is Hot Spot which attracts a nice mix of locals who enjoy the simplicity of what it has to offer. Located next to the harbor on the main street, Hot spot has plenty of character and fresh foods. In fact, this is one of the best places to eat in Nkhata Bay if you wish to enjoy some fresh fish from the lake but then they also have many local foods such as beef, beans and rice.

Nkhata Bay Restaurant with a difference

Nkhata Bay Restaurant view

It really is the atmosphere which makes this Nkhata Bay restaurant so different from elsewhere in town. Friendly, busy and vibrant, there is always a number of characters hanging around to talk with here and given the traditional food, it’s worth dropping in at some point while you stay in Nkhata Bay.

At just 1500MK for most meals, this Nkhata Bay restaurant is a great place for backpackers who want to save money on their travels while also experiencing a nice local restaurant in Malawi.

Opening HOURS: 7am to 9pm

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