Horseriding in Nkhata Bay

One of the absolute best things to do in Nkhata Bay is to go on a horse riding in Nkhata Bay. Just a 30 minute driver from the bay, Kande Beach is the most pristine white you can imagine. Located right next to a backpacker resort type campsite/lodge, it is also a fun place to spend time.

While Malawi is known for culture, volunteering and local experiences, horseriding in Nkhata Bay may seem like a step away from local living. However, this is actually the best way to get up close and personal with your surroundings without feeling intrusive in any way. Horses are just seen in a completely different light to tourist vehicles and allow for more interaction with the locals in general.

Horseriding in Nkhata Bay

Horseriding in Nkhata Bay

It is actually most peoples favorite in terms of things to do in Nkhata Bay. It is also very affordable too. Starting out in a beautiful ranch surrounded by forest, the instructors will give you a full run down of what to expect as well as introduce you to the horses.

Do you need experience on a Horse Riding tour in Nkhata Bay?

Absolutely not and for many people, horseriding in Nkhata bay is often their first time. The professional guides are great at instructing you and beginners will feel at ease by the time you leave the ranch. In fact, this is possibly the best place for beginner horse riding in Malawi.

Where do you go on this day tour from Nkhata Bay?

As mentioned, you begin in a beautiful ranch and proceed through the forest and past many local villages. This is super fun as all the kids love to interact as you go past and it brings a very cultural feel to the experience. Traveling across stunning landscapes with your new friends, the horse riding tour from Nkhata Bay finishes on the idyllic Kande Beach. At this point you have an incredible opportunity to go swimming on horses in Lake Malawi. Unreal.

Horse Riding in Nkhata Bay

How to get to Kande Beach from Nkhata Bay?

You can take a local mini bus from Nkhata Bay to Kande Beach. But don’t worry, your tour operator will pick you up for this tour in private transport and drop you back to Nkhata Bay in the evening.

What will you see?

This day tour from Nkhata Bay travels through forest, villages and open landscapes until it reaches the beach. When you arrive at Kande Beach you will have a little time to say goodbye to the horses and enjoy the surroundings. The beach and nearby campsite are incredible so don’t worry – it’s a nice place to hang around after Horse riding in Nkhata Bay.

When You’ll Go

Early morning pick up from Nkhata Bay and return from this Malawi horse riding tour in early evening.

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