Why a Guesthouse in Nkhata Bay is always best

Should you stay in a campsite, hotel, hostel or a guesthouse in Nkhata Bay? On first glance, there seems to be very few options online concerning where to stay in Nkhata Bay but actually, this is because so few of them are advertised online. Depending on your budget, there are options here to suit everyone but we will try to help you with this decision. That being said, a Nkhata Bay guesthouse is always best and here’s why:

Nkhata Bay Guesthouse

Guesthouse in Nkhata Bay

Advantages – There are many options for staying in a guesthouse in Nkhata Bay and while some of these are a little “local” and not so clean, there are many more which are reasonably priced, clean and centrally located in the bay.

Disadvantages – Maybe you are on a strict budget or travelling alone? In which case, you may be best choosing a campsite or hostel in Nkhata Bay.

Price – Ranging anywhere between $15 – $40 per night.

Hostel in Nkhata Bay

Advantages – There are some good options for staying at a hostel in Nkhata Bay and while these dorm rooms are pretty basic, they are low cost. Some hostels offer cheap accommodation with volunteer projects or scuba diving lessons but regardless, they are super cheap.

Disadvantages – Obviously you need to share with others and the standard is sometimes less than a guesthouse.

Price – $8 – $10 per person.

Accommodation nkhata bay

Campsites in Nkhata Bay

Advantages – You are a little limited in this respect and to be honest, if you are travelling with expensive cameras, laptops etc and without a vehicle – this is not a great option. That being said, there are some good campsites in Nkhata Bay which are cheap and relatively secure.

Disadvantages – Nowhere to leave your gear and living out of a tent in hot weather can be tiring.

Price – $5 – $7 per person

Hotels in Nkhata Bay

Unfortunately, there are not hotels in Nkhata Bay so you’re most luxurious option in this respect is to stay in a guesthouse in Nkhata Bay or a private room in a hostel. Considering all the above, when you think about where to stay in Nkhata Bay, a guesthouse is always best.

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