Crest View | Local place to Eat in Nkhata Bay|

For backpackers and volunteers, Crest View is often the best local place to eat in Nkhata Bay. Popular on weekends, especially when there is a football match on television, this restaurant also offers a nice view of the main street and finds itself in the heart of all the action.

Local place to eat in Nkhata Bay

When you travel to Malawi, the best way to experience the nation known as the warm heart of Africa is by meeting the people. In this sense, it is always nice to experience a local place to eat in Nkhata Bay. Surrounded by locals and with a very traditional menu, you can feel at home here, yet far away at the same time.

Nkhata Bay

Menu in Crest View restaurant

Maize meal is common here, better known as Nsima, and this is usually eaten with beans or maybe omelette which is another popular choice on the menu. Although this is a lot less “Western” than the previous eatery, Crest view is popular for being a local restaurant in Nkhata Bay which offers more than value for money. If you are wondering where to eat in Nkhata Bay and want something local, this might be your best option.

Opening hours: 6am to 9pm

Telephone: 0881 174804

Average price of a meal: 4000MK

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