Best Places to Volunteer in Malawi 2017

The real purpose of travel is not really for pleasure but rather to go “see” and find some way of having a positive impact on the world along the way. In this sense, the perfect way to add value in Africa is by visiting one of the best places to volunteer in Malawi. Here are some of the best Malawi volunteer projects:

5 Best places to volunteer in Malawi

Malawi volunter projects

Ntchisi Community

Located 120 kilometers away from the capital city of Malawi, Lilongwe, the only remaining indigenous forest is found in Ntchisi. This is one of the best places to volunteer in Malawi as it offers a fantastic opportunity to visit off-beaten-track area and be able to walk among the traditional hillside villages. This project involves tree planting, school feeding, other environmental programs, community library and a small farm coffee growing project.

Mulanje District Orphan Care

This project in Mulanje District aims to provide orphans with after school care, medical feeding, and other educational services. Joining this program will let you spend an afternoon with the children, help with the feeding programmed and use skills to teach them or help at the rural medical clinic. This will give you a perfect insight to the rural life in Malawi. This wonderful project has been started by a Malawinian lady for over ten years now. Appearing as volunteer in this area will help the vulnerable children in the district to have enough sponsorship and the region is stunning which makes it one of the best places to volunteer in Malawi.

Teaching Community of Nkahata Bay

It is a great opportunity to be a teacher and volunteer in Nkhata Bay where you can help the children to learn English. Additional skills such as drama, music, dance, or sports can also be taught. The school was opened in September 2013, with operating three classes of the six, and a reception. It also follows a homeschooling curriculum. They are offering a minimum of three months volunteering because at least one term will be taught to the children. The teaching materials, lodging, and food will be provided. They also offer free access to internet, boats snorkeling, and trips to anyone who will volunteer.

Zomba Community Project

A two to five hour morning or afternoon visit can be done to inspire the youth in Zomba Town, one of the best places to volunteer in Malawi. Joining this project can give you a chance to be a part of the village bank, learn their traditional dance and taste some local Malawinian food. The community program includes nursery schools, children corners, and youth empowerment, respectively.

Cape Maclear Chembe Community Project

This is a community based project which tries to ensure the provision of safe drinking water to the lakeside communities especially to those living in Cape Maclear, Mangochi. An HIV/AIDS community project is also run by two Malawinian brothers to provide home based care and education. Included in the Community Project is an active Environmental Awareness and Education Initiative which aims to educate the local community on how to look after the diversity of fish within the Lake Malawi. This includes classes, community workshop and local drive training for community members. They believe that environmental awareness and sensitization campaign is the key for the lake side community and it is tackled through education to help the local people and allow them to benefit from the tourism along the lake shore.

Giving a portion of time and effort to reach out to the people who need help is indeed a good practice that must never be overlooked. Visiting Malawi will never be complete without the pleasure of sightseeing and other adventures but the volunteer projects are always worthwhile. Just make sure you choose carefully from the above best places to volunteer in Malawi.

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