Malawi: The best place in Africa for digital nomads

Cape Town is a very close second, but without a doubt, Malawi is my runaway choice concerning the best place in Africa for Digital Nomads. Serenely quiet and hidden in a small inlet on Lake Malawi, Nkhata Bay I super popular with backpackers and volunteers but for some reason, it is yet to find itself on the radar as one of the best places in the word for digital nomads.

The Best place in Africa for Digital Nomads

Firstly, let me tell you why with a few short bullet points:
– Nkhata Bay is genuinely one of the cheapest places for digital nomads
– There are many excellent accommodation options including guesthouses, hostels, and beach bungalows.
– Wi-Fi and the internet are common place.
– Many bars and restaurants are nearby to take a step back from work and wind own with fellow travelers.
– There are so many things to do including kayaking, hiking, volunteering, scuba diving and other Malawi day tours.
– You can take a midnight swim, every night, and marvel at the stars above from the stillness of the lake.
Malawi for digital nomads

Nkhata bay canoe
Digital nomads in Nkhata Bay 
So if the Wi-Fi is reliable and the cost of living is low – why is everyone else not flocking to the lakeside in Malawi? I just don’t know. Ask any potential volunteer or backpacker, and they will tell you how amazing this little bay is to spend time. In my experience, I could have stayed a lot longer than a few weeks and got so much work done in the process. In the evening it was cool to sit and stare out at the fisherman’s lights on Lake Malawi, but if you had seen the balcony I was sitting on at the time – you would already be booking your flights to Lilongwe.
Nkhata Bay: A haven for digital nomads

nkhata bay
You can expect a quiet experience here, good internet connection and decent prices while also having a chance to see a real part of Africa in between. Transport is not the best at this moment but getting to Nkhata Bay is a reasonably straight forward process which is well worth the effort considering the reward at the end of it. If I could recommend one place in Africa right now for digital nomads, it would have to be Malawi, and when you take the above into account, the obvious choice should be Nkhata Bay.

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